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Five Stars For Savvy Rest

When we think of Savvy Rest, the words “honesty” and “integrity” come to mind.

The Natural Sleep Store does business with a lot of different organic mattress manufacturers. Out of them all, Savvy Rest is one of our favorite companies because they are easy to work with, have the best customer service and are trustworthy.

Generally, michael penny of savvy resthaving a longer-term relationship with a person or group of people is necessary to truly get a sense of what they are about, know how they will react in certain situations, and understand their core values.  We have that kind of history with Savvy Rest. We have been working with Michael Penny of Savvy Rest since the beginning of The Natural Sleep Store in 2005.  Encouragement from Michael was one of the reasons The Natural Sleep Store was started.  Over these 10 years we have gotten to know Michael and Savvy Rest very well, and we have developed a tremendous amount of respect and confidence in him and his company.

My husband and I had the opportunity to spend time with Michael Penny outside of work on three separate occasions, as well as meeting his wife, Heather, and we have built a true friendship over the years.  Michael is a former yoga teacher who values life practices such as mindfulness and meditation as well as a dedication to doing the right thing. This is evident in the way he lives his life and runs his business. I have never known him to indulge in less respectful practices such as greed or dishonesty—it’s just not who he is.  Through this long history and friendship, we have developed a deeper trust that goes beyond that of a business relationship alone.

As a customer, you rely on us to work with manufacturers who have a quality product, are honest about the quality of their raw materials, and who honor their warranties.  Because we want to keep our word to our customers, we need the support of quality manufacturers to help us achieve this. This is why Savvy Rest is one of our most trusted and respected manufacturers.  When they say a product will ship, it does.  When they provide us with information on their raw materials, it is true.  When we have a difficult situation, they support us. They honor customer warranty issues. They are truthful in what they say, which is something we rely on heavily, so we can in turn be straightforward with you, the customer.  Their employees are very knowledgeable and very well trained.  Everyone has a true passion for what they are doing and it is reflected in the way they do business.

I’ve watched Michael build Savvy Rest from the beginning, and it is nothing less than impressive.  Savvy Rest went from nothing, to a 30-person employee-owned company, yet it has maintained the attention to detail and individual relationships that you would find in a smaller company.  We give an enthusiastic Five Stars to Savvy Rest and look forward to providing fantastic Savvy Rest products to our customers for a long time to come.

Now through the end of March 2015, with the purchase of every Savvy Rest mattress, receive a free organic cotton mattress pad, organic sheet set, and two shredded latex pillows! A value of $750!