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Bed Rugs

A natural bed rug is a great addition to add support and create airflow under your mattress. These are especially helpful if you have a solid platform (not slats) to prevent against mold and mildew.  Also used to provide more support for an independent coil mattress if placed on slats.  Made from coconut coir and natural latex, this is an all natural solution to ensure stability and increase breathability of your mattress.

Coir originates from the fiber from the coconut husk.  Coconut as a resource is primarily used in the food industry and the husks are typically discarded. This makes coir bed rugs extremely sustainable as they are using a product that would otherwise end up in the garbage. Coconut palms grow on 10 million hectares of land throughout the tropics. By using coir you are helping reduce waste and CO2 emissions.  These coconut husks are baked with natural latex (natural rubber from the rubber tree) to form a thin mat that comes in different mattress sizes.

 The primary function of a bed rug is to add a breathable layer underneath your mattress.  If you allow air flow to pass through your mattress it can help provide a comfortable (i.e. temperature regulated) sleep and it can also help prevent against mold or mildew buildup.  

A secondary function of a bed rug is that it could be used to increase the comfort of a thin futon. We like to think of coir bed rugs like a tatami mat only softer.  If you add a soft layer under a firm mattress, it helps create a bit more softness to the feel of the mattress.  

Bed rugs can also be used to create a more uniform support for a pocket coil mattress. A pocket coil mattress performs best when it has uniform support for the pocket coils.  If you place a pocket coil mattress on a platform bed, if the platform bed slats are placed too far apart, the individual pocket coils could slip between the slats and become unsupported and could even pop through the fabric.  A bed rug, providing plenty of support for a pocket coil, is the perfect solution for this problem!