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Bed Rugs

Natural bed rugs are crafted from coconut coir and natural latex, providing a stable and breathable foundation for mattresses. They enhance support and improve air circulation beneath the mattress. Ideal for mattresses on solid platforms or frames without slats, these rugs help prevent mold and mildew growth. Additionally, when used on slatted frames, they offer extra support for independent coil mattresses.

Coir is derived from the fiber of coconut husks, which are often discarded by the food industry, making coir bed rugs a highly sustainable option by repurposing waste material. Coconut palms, the source of these husks, cover 10 million hectares in tropical regions. Utilizing coir contributes to waste reduction and lowers CO2 emissions. The process involves baking coconut husks with natural latex, derived from rubber trees, to create a thin mat available in various mattress sizes.

The main purpose of a bed rug is to introduce a breathable layer beneath your mattress. Facilitating airflow through the mattress not only aids in maintaining a comfortable, temperature-regulated sleeping environment but also helps in preventing the accumulation of mold or mildew.

A secondary benefit of a bed rug is its ability to enhance the comfort of a thin futon. Coir bed rugs can be compared to tatami mats but are softer. Adding a soft layer beneath a firm mattress can introduce additional softness to the mattress’s feel.

Bed rugs serve an important role in providing uniform support for pocket coil mattresses, which perform optimally with consistent support across all coils. When a pocket coil mattress is placed on a platform bed with slats spaced too far apart, individual coils risk slipping through the gaps, becoming unsupported, or potentially protruding through the fabric. A bed rug, offering ample support for pocket coils, effectively addresses this issue, ensuring the mattress remains stable and the coils properly supported.