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Royal-Pedic Materials

Natural Latex

The all natural latex milk is tapped from the sustainable rubber tree plantations in Indonesia and Malaysia, and then shipped to modern Talalay latex processing plants in the United States.

All natural talalay latex mattress cores have the added benefit of providing more of a natural “spring” feel. In comparison, the Dunlop process latex has a less springy feel. Therefore, the Talalay latex actively responds to the body contours providing better comfort and added support.

Talalay and Dunlop are the two kinds of manufacturing processes of making latex cores. Royal-Pedic uses the Talalay method made with all natural latex.

Before the all natural latex is poured into the mould it is blended with a very small percentage of sulfur and zinc, which acts as a binder, so the latex cells will form together. In the Talalay process, the latex liquid is poured into special custom made moulds, which are equipped with a large number of pins. In fact, there are approximately 2400 pins in each Talalay lid and pan mould for a queen size latex mattress core. The pins serve a dual purpose of helping transfer heat evenly to all areas of the latex core, so there is consistency in mattress firmness and feel, and of creating “pin-core” holes, which later assist in uniform drying and providing improved ventilation of body heat.

After the latex liquid has been poured into the Talalay moulds, the moulds are shut and fitted with a rubber gasket seal around the perimeter, then vacuum sealed and cooled to about -30 degrees Celsius (-22 degrees Fahrenheit). Carbon Dioxide gas passes through the frozen matrix, which causes the foam to gel.

Once the gelling is complete the mould is progressively heated to 110 degrees Celcius (230 degrees Fahrenheit). The heat induces curing, or “vulcanization” of the latex core. Finally, the Talalay process all natural latex cores are carefully removed from the moulds, washed in 4-5 rinsing processes, dried, and inspected.

In comparison, Dunlop latex cores completely skip the vacuum sealing and freezing of the latex step. Instead, the latex liquid gets poured into the mould, lid gets shut and it gets heated, removed, rinsed, and dried.

French wool

Royal-Pedic has sourced the finest quality untreated wool on the planet for your healthful sleeping comfort on an organic mattress. The French wool used is chemical-free, odorless, resilient, pre-compressed, and a natural flame retardant. You won’t find a higher quality organic mattress or toppers than with Royal-Pedic

• Chemical Free – there are no chemicals used in the processing of this wool, or in the diet of the Sheep. The sheep live outside year round, grazing on the open lush lands in the South of France.
• Odorless – The wool is harvested from the back and belly only. This is a very important factor, as usually wool also comes from the legs and crotch of the sheep, where it is nearly impossible to wash out the smell. Further, the wool is washed in three soda baths with increasing temperatures (90 degrees – 140 degrees) followed by a cold rinse in pure water. The washing process virtually eliminates the typical sheep odor and risk of moth infestation. 

• Better Resiliency – Since the sheep live outside all year, their wool is naturally more curly and longer. The strong natural curl of the French Wool provides lasting resilience, bounce and loft that is superior to mechanically crimped wool fibers, such as wool sources from New Zealand, which will mat down faster resulting in greater body imprint.
• Natural Flame Retardant – the French Wool acts as a natural flame barrier, and when ordering an organic mattress, there is no need for a doctor’s note, as long as the mattress has the French Wool layering under the covering.
• Pre-Compressed – After the French wool is converted into layers it is pre-compressed into dense layers, which in turn minimizes body imprints in the mattress.


Organic Cotton

Royal-Pedic's certified organic fabric is woven in Germany on state of the art looms, and is free of chemical treatments. The fabric is luxuriously soft to the touch – almost like comparing Italian made Egyptian cotton sateen sheets to regular sheets. This German fabric is used on the Premier Organic Mattress line. Mattresses in the Natural Organic collection are made using a 100% organic cotton canvas fabric.

Royal-Pedic's organic staple cotton is grown in California, Texas, and Peru. Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticide sprays and chemical fertilization. To preserve the organic cotton crop from being eaten by insects, predator insects are introduced that eat the insects that would have otherwise eaten the cotton crop. After the organic cotton is harvested, it is bundled, and then converted into layers for use in our organic mattress and box spring constructions. cotton batting