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Sueno Shredded Rubber Pillow

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One of our more popular and versatile pillows, the Sueno Shredded Rubber Pillow is a dream! This super-comfortable pillow is made with GOLS certified organic shredded rubber. The little bits of rubber are encased in organic cotton. It also comes with a removable organic cotton envelope style cover that is machine washable. One of our favorite features of the Sueno Shredded Rubber Pillow is its versatility. Similar to a down pillow, you can adjust its shape. Fold it, squish it or shape it to your neck, the pillow is supportive and won’t compress over the course of the night. If those reasons weren’t enough to love this pillow, it’s also naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant! Made in Canada.

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More about the Sueno Shredded Rubber Pillow

We recommend air drying this cover, but if you want your pillow to feel a little thicker, toss it in the dryer. Machine drying causes the envelope casing to shrink slightly so it hugs the pillow a little tighter leaving less space for the rubber bits to spread out.

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