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Bella Sera Nove 3 Organic Mattress

Encased in a beautiful organic cotton and organic wool cover is nine inches of natural latex that you can customize to your desired firmness level. You can even customize the firmness level of each side! This organic mattress is made by Bella Sera Organics. Made with GOLS certified organic latex!

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Mattress or Set

Please select your desired firmness level.
There are three firmness options: soft, medium, and firm. If you do not want your latex split between each side of the mattress, please just choose Soft, Medium, or Firm. If you would like your firmness level split between sides, please choose, for example Soft/Medium for soft on one side and medium on the other. If you would like the same firmness level on each side and you would like the layer split, please choose, for example, Medium/Medium (please note, we cannot split latex on Twin or Full mattresses).

Top Layer Firmness Level
Middle Layer Firmness Level
Bottom Layer Firmness Level
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Twin XL$1,800.00$2,425.00
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About the Bella Sera Nove 3

Choose different firmness levels (soft, medium, or firm) for each natural latex layer of your mattress

  • 3 layers of 3" natural dunlop latex

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  • If you want, choose different firmness levels (soft, medium, or firm) for each side of your bed

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  • These organic mattresses passed rigorous national flame-retardant standards without the use of toxic flame-retardant barriers or chemicals. Our mattress actually passed these rigorous standards just by using naturally flame-resistant organic wool!

The Foundation

The Bella Sera 7.5 inch wood slat foundation is made out of solid wood, with slats that are placed 2.5 inches apart. Nails and screws are used in the construction, absolutely no glues or chemicals are added. The wood is covered with our signature organic cotton and organic wool... and that is it! Since we use wool in the sides of the foundation, no chemical flame retardants or flame retardant barriers were needed for us to pass the federal flame retardant requirements.

For a more economical option, check out the Savvy Rest Platform Bed Insert which will replace a boxspring or foundation OR check out our selection of platform bed frames, which eliminate the need for a foundation.

More about Bella Sera Organic Mattresses

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90 Day Comfort Guarantee

If you aren 't completely satisfied with the comfort and/or firmness of your mattress, you have the option of changing the firmness of latex layers. More info about our 90 day comfort guarantee.

What is the warranty?

Bella Sera Organics offers a 20 year warranty.

Once your mattress arrives:

Latex mattresses are very heavy and can be quite awkward to move. Whereas innerspring mattresses have a rigid, easily movable structure, latex is flexible and, well, droopy! It is quite challenging for us to move a king- or queen-sized latex mattress without two or three strong individuals. Even then, it can be a challenge to grasp the mattress to move it without ripping the organic cotton and wool cover. If we were to ship your mattress completely assembled, the latex layers would shift and bunch up inside, making it necessary to unzip the casing and realign your latex layers anyway.

To prevent the bunching up of your layers, we ship our mattresses in separate parts: Your casing is shipped separately from your latex layers. Once your shipment has arrived, lay out the casing on the foundation or bed frame; align it; and unzip the top portion of the casing from the bottom portion of the casing. Begin layering the latex on the bottom of the casing until the layers are in the preferred order. Place the top of the casing over the latex and zip up the mattress. You will receive more detailed instructions with your shipment. If you feel you may be unable to assemble your mattress properly, please contact us for different shipping alternatives.

Made in the USA

Need help choosing your layers? Either contact us, or visit our online FIRMNESS GUIDE

Customize your mattress

Each layer of dunlop natural latex can be ordered soft, medium, or firm. You can then decide whether you'd like solid layers of latex, or whether you'd like it split down the center to allow for different firmness on each side of the mattress. Many people prefer to place the softer layers of latex on the top with the firmer layers toward the bottom. But the options are endless, and it is entirely up to you! We recommend that customers choose layers softer than they might expect to like. Once you receive your mattress, if it feels too soft, you can alternate layers. Simply move the softer layers down in the mattress and move firmer layers up to discover your personal ideal in comfort and firmness level. For example, if you choose the following layers (in top-down order) soft, medium, and firm and the mattress feels too soft, simply flip-flop the second and third layers so you end up with soft, firm, and medium. Read more about customizing your mattress.

Solid or Split layers?

Some people wonder if the split in the latex can be felt. The good news is that we have constructed our organic mattress to have a seamless feel in the middle. Though you will notice the difference between a soft and a firm, there will certainly not be a hole or gap in the center of your bed. If you are concerned, you could choose a solid layer of latex for your top layer and then choose split layers for the bottom 2 layers.

Your mattress, your design!

All mattresses include a zipper on the bottom, offering you maximum flexibility. Since your mattress was designed by you, we think you should be able to change and adjust it too! Once you receive your organic mattress, the latex can be placed (in any firmness combination) into the organic cotton and wool cover, and zipped up.


Hello, I'd like to share with you how pleased I am with the Bella Sera Nove 3 full mattress I recently purchased for my granddaughter. This is the third organic mattress I have purchased and the one I am most pleased with. The 3 layer system is a great. The firmness is just what we wanted and I received so much help from your staff in making our final decision. The next purchase will be an organic mattress for my grandson, and I look forward to contacting The Natural Sleep Store again. Thank you for a wonderful product and a very pleasant shopping experience! B.S. - Bloomsburg, PA

We have had this mattress for a little over a year now. It is incredibly comfortable and durable. Our son jumps on it all the time and it holds up well. L.G. - Fort Collins, CO

I've been meaning to email you for what feels like months, but we love LOVE love our bed. T. has completely come around to the king size too. =) But the latex mattress is phenomenal. T. was traveling for work and he could not believe how much he missed our new bed. I did want to mention one specific thing, T. keeps remarking at how much he likes not having a "seam" along the edge of the mattress. So I glad we went with the Bella Sera. And the wool comforter has been the perfect weight/warmth for us too. No need for extra blankets. We just have a flannel duvet cover and it's plenty warm. Thanks again for all your help, and patience! K.M. - Fort Collins, CO
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