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Organic Sheets

The Natural Sleep Store carries a variety of organic sheets to outfit your mattress, whether organic or conventional. Sleep on pure and soft sheets made from all organic cotton in different weaves, either sateen, percale, flannel, or jersey knit. The top manufacturers of organic sheets, Coyuchi and Green Living Organics offer beautiful, comfortable, and healthy sheets for you to enjoy every night. To view each collection, click the images or read below for more information on why to choose organic sheets. Basic organic sheet sets are also available by Sleep and Beyond, Gotcha Covered, and Naturesoft. Read our blog for more information on the different types of organic cotton fabric.

Gotcha Covered Organic Sheets Sleep and Beyond Organic Sheet Sets Green Living Organics Percale Sheets Green Living Organics Sateen Sheets
gotcha covered organic sheets sleep and beyond sheets percale glo sateen
$100.00 to $154.00 $139.00 to $179.00
On Sale!
$143.00 to $217.00 $168.00 to $248.00

Green Living Organics Flannel Sheets Coyuchi Organic Jersey Sheets Coyuchi Organic Sateen Sheets Coyuchi Organic Percale Sheets
twill flannel jersey coyuchi sheets percale sheets
$143.00 to $217.00 $128.00 to $228.00 $212.00 to $306.00 $158.00 to $304.00

Green Living Organics Elephant Sheets Coyuchi Organic Flannel Sheets Naturesoft Organic Sateen Sheet Sets  
elephant sheet coyuchi flannel naturesoft sheets  
$145.00 to $198.00 $225.00 to $340.00 $60.00 to $110.00
On Sale!

Why should you sleep with natural or organic sheets?

Many cotton sheets are treated with formaldehyde to produce less wrinkles. Non- organic cotton sheets are often treated with a formaldehyde-based finish that reduces wrinkling. These sheets don't even have to have a label informing you of what they were treated with! Formaldehyde is a cancer-causing chemical that, unfortunately, is found in many common household items like furniture, particle board (which is actually used in the construction of your house), paints, and carpet. It would be hard to completely avoid exposure to formaldehyde, but about 1/3 of your life is spent sleeping, so by avoiding breathing formaldehyde fumes while you sleep (by using an organic mattress with organic cotton sheets) could greatly reduce your overall exposure. Choose chemical free organic sheets and/or organic bedding to avoid formaldehyde.

All of The Natural Sleep Store's organic bedding, including our organic cotton sheets, organic baby sheets, natural pillows, blankets, comforters, duvet covers and shams are chemical free.


  • Gotcha Covered has a new line of organic sheets with a high 300 thread count in natural color.  These prices are outstanding for such high quality sheets!
  • Coyuchi is the standard in organic sheets.  We are pleased to carry the fantastic Coyuchi collection of simple percale, soft sateen, flannel, jersey knit and more! 
  • Green Living Organics is newer to the scene, but we couldn't be more thrilled! They offer percale and sateen sheets in similar thread counts and quality, but at a super price. Plus we now have a cute elephant print for kids!

All of our sheets from all our manufacturers are made from organic cotton.  For all manufacturers: the natural or ivory sheets are undyed, the colored sheets use environmentally safe, low impact dyes, and the whites are always whitened with peroxide, never bleach.  

If you have any questions about our sheets, please feel free to contact us.  We also sell separates (just flat, just fitted, just pillowcases) but they are not available to purchase online.  If you'd like to purchase separates, please contact us.