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Organic Blankets

Organic Blanket - Chenille Waffle Weave Organic Cotton Blankets - Pebble Weave Green Living Organics Cable Knit Throw Under the Nile Brushed Organic Cotton Blanket

chenille waffle

$100.00 to $155.00

pebble organic blanket

$35.00 to $115.00

organic throw


brushed cotton

$115.00 to $205.00

Coyuchi Honeycomb Blanket Organic Chenille Blankets


$97.00 to $233.00

On Sale!


$108.00 to $163.00

You can't go wrong with any of these amazing organic blankets! They are all made from 100% certified organic cotton. Sizes Throw, Twin, Queen, and King.

  • The pebble weight is a lighter weight basic organic blanket. It grows softer the more it is washed. Natural color and USA grown.
  • The chenille waffle weave blanket is a medium weight blanket, with stretch and flexibility, woven with very soft yarns. Natural color and USA grown.
  • The chenille blanket is a medium weight blanket, a little stiffer, but with a very soft feel. Natural Color and USA grown.
  • The Under The Nile blanket is a customer favorite! It is a medium weight blanket, but very warm, cozy, and soft to the touch.
  • Coyuchi's jacquard weave blanket is a heavier blanket as well woven from a stiffer fabric.
  • The Green Living Organics throw is a favorite. Gorgeous cable knit made from organic cotton in great colors!

All of these organic blankets are machine washable and last for years and years!