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Natural and Organic Pillows

The Natural Sleep Store carries a large selection of natural and organic pillows to outfit your bedroom. Always covered in organic cotton, we offer many different pillow fills such as organic cotton, wool, natural latex, and kapok. Adjustable-fill pillows as well as contour pillows are available.

Suite Sleep Woolly Bolas Pillow

Adjustable pillow filled with Eco Wool. A customer favorite!

$44.00 to $212.00

On Sale!

Suite Sleep Shredded Rubber Pillow

Natural shredded rubber pillow. Adjustable and great for multiple sleeping positions.

$49.00 to $162.00

On Sale!

Suite Sleep Kapok Pillow

Soft pillow made from kapok silk. A great alternative to down.

$59.00 to $182.00

On Sale!

Sueno Shredded Rubber Pillow

Shredded bits of natural latex inside an organic cotton cover.

$110.00 to $132.00

Sueno Pure Wool Pillow

Rolled and carded wool for medium firm support with an organic cotton cover.

$110.00 to $132.00

Purerest Contour Rubber Pillow

Contour pillow made with natural latex and an organic cotton cover. One of our top selling pillows!


Sachi Organics Kapok Pillow

Made with silky kapok. Our softest feeling pillow!

$90.00 to $110.00

Sachi Organics Wool Pillow

Certified organic wool fill pillow.

$100.00 to $140.00

Sachi Organics Cotton Pillow

A 100% organic cotton pillow. A great vegan option!

$70.00 to $90.00

Pure Rest Shredded Rubber Pillow

Versatile shredded rubber pillow. Organic cotton encasement.

$102.00 to $130.00

Pure Rest Kapok Pillow

Soft, silky kapok in an organic cotton cover.

$64.00 to $90.00

Pure Rest Eco Wool Pillow

Natural wool-filled pillow. Choose Light, Regular or Heavy fill.

$65.00 to $115.00

Pure Rest Organic Cotton Pillow

Firm support with this all-cotton pillow.

$60.00 to $80.00

Need help choosing an organic pillow?

Read our blog post for help choosing the perfect organic pillow.

Choosing the right organic pillow is very important! You are off to the right start since you are choosing organic and chemical-free. However, as each person is different, it is important to choose the pillow that will fit your body, your sleeping position, and your comfort level.

Our organic cotton pillows and organic wool pillows have a feel similar to conventional polyester filled pillows. If you prefer a conventional pillow, one of these pillows can be right for you. Several of our wool pillows have different options for firmness from slim to heavy fill in addition to one adjustable wool pillow.

Our favorite natural pillow is the Suite Sleep Wooly Bolas Pillow. This pillow is made up of little "balls" of wool that can be added or removed through the zippered cover. The wool can be moved around to create more or less neck support and/or an indentation for your head. We find that through either removing or adding wool, this pillow is ideal for most people.

Many of our customers like the shredded rubber pillows. The pieces of natural latex/natural rubber that make up the pillow can be moved and squished around inside of the pillow, for example, to create more support at the neck area, or to create an indentation for the head. Although the feel is different, it is this malleable quality that makes it similar to a feather pillow. Since it can be squished around, this pillow can be ideal for many different sleeping positions.

The kapok pillows have a feel that is most similar to down pillows. The kapok inside can be squished around and is light and "feathery". Many people converting from a down pillow like this option.

Our contour pillows offer the most support, however, the height of the "roll" of the pillow needs to be just right for your body in order for this to be a great option. Many people who like a memory foam pillow have success with the contour pillow.