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Natural and Organic Crib Mattresses

Keep your baby healthy and breathing pure air by choosing an organic crib mattress. Made from organic cotton, wool, and/or natural latex as a core, an organic crib mattress is a great investment to make in your baby's health. Made from all pure materials, no synthetics or chemical flame retardants are used. View our natural and organic crib mattress collection by clicking the images, or read below to learn more.

Sueno Basic Innerspring Organic Crib Mattress Eco Baby Organic Innerspring Crib Mattress Sueno Nino Innerspring Organic Crib Mattress  
sueno innerspring organic innerspring  nino crib mattress
$338.00 $350.00
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Eco Baby Natural Rubber Crib Mattress Sueno Nino Natural Rubber Crib Mattress Natural Latex Crib Mattress by Savvy Rest  
eco baby rubber crib mattress crib mattress savvy organic crib  
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$518.00 $549.00

How to choose between natural rubber or innerspring for your organic crib mattress? Read our blog post on innerspring vs. rubber crib mattresses.

Natural latex/ natural rubber crib mattresses have a 4.5 – 5 inch core of firm natural latex surrounded by a quilting made from wool encased in organic cotton fabric. The natural innerspring crib mattresses we carry are made with an average of 250 – 260 coils (depending on manufacturer) surrounded by thick layers of organic cotton batting and an organic cotton and wool quilting. Each of these manufacturers are top notch and all of the crib mattresses are high quality and well made.

Both the natural innerspring mattress and the natural latex mattress are considered firm, and provide a supportive, comfortable feel for newborns through toddlers until ready to move into a big kid bed. Neither are treated with any chemical or non-chemical flame retardants, as the wool itself acts as a natural flame retardant. As these organic crib mattresses are all made from natural materials (no plastics or polyethelenes here), the mattress is not moisture resistant and we suggest placing a wool moisture pad and a cotton mattress pad on the top to protect against leaks and accidents.