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What's the BEST organic mattress?

“What is the best organic mattress?” That is a question we get frequently at The Natural Sleep Store. Our customers call or come in wanting guidance to find THE BEST organic mattress. There are a variety of natural and organic mattresses on the market these days;... Read More >>


Organic Latex-Free Mattresses

If you are shopping for an organic mattress these days you will find that it is very easy to find options that contain natural latex but can be challenging to find latex free options. Whether you have decided to shop for a latex free mattress due to an allergy or sensitivity or... Read More >>


We're giving it away for Earth Day!

In honor of Earth Day, (April 22), we are offering one of our best promotions to date! Now through April 30th, 2016 receive a 10% discount off the regular price of a Bella Sera Nove 3 or Nove 3 Pillowtop mattress, free shipping, AND the following accessories free with purchase: ... Read More >>


Green Sleep: Standards of Purity beyond 'Organic' Labels

Lying down on a Green Sleep mattress is heavenly.  The feel of the organic cotton velour is luxurious and the natural rubber conforms to your body.  A Green Sleep organic mattress IS the definition of luxury, quality, and purity.  We love selling these mattresses... Read More >>


Five Stars For Savvy Rest

When we think of Savvy Rest, the words “honesty” and “integrity” come to mind.  The Natural Sleep Store does business with a lot of different organic mattress manufacturers. Out of them all, Savvy Rest is one of our favorite companies because they... Read More >>


Comparing Conventional to Organic Mattresses: Why Choose Organic?

Sleep is important.  And our sleep environment is integral to that important process.  As a consumer I know that I want a high quality product that fits my budget.  The choice to go organic, it turns out, can be economical without sacrificing quality or... Read More >>


Bella Sera Organic Mattress Review and 50% Off Coupon Giveaway

The Bella Sera Nove 3 and Bella Sera Nove 3 Pillowtop Organic Latex Mattresses are our top-selling mattresses—definitely a customer favorite. It was my mattress choice, and is a popular choice of our customers for a number of reasons: it’s customizable; it’s... Read More >>


Suite Sleep: Purity. Passion. Progress.

At The Natural Sleep Store we put great value in the solid, lasting relationships we are able to build with our manufacturers. Suite Sleep, based out of Boulder, CO is one of these companies. We have been working with them since the start of our business in 2005 and we love... Read More >>


How To Dispose of Your Old Mattress

The new, healthy, natural and organic mattress you purchased is about to be delivered! The question is, what are you going to do with your tired, old mattress and box spring? If it’s not going to be used in a guest room, other options to explore include using our white... Read More >>


Firm Organic Mattress Options, Soft Organic Mattress Options, and Everything In Between

Looking for a firm organic mattress?  Or a soft organic mattress?  Or maybe a mattress with a firm support underneath, but a soft and comfortable top? Here is a guide to some of the firmest and softest mattress options that we offer. Firm Organic Mattresses Firm... Read More >>


Little Lamb Natural Latex Mattress Review and Earth Day Giveaway

The Suite Sleep Little Lamb Natural Latex Mattress is one of The Natural Sleep Store’s best-selling organic mattresses for kids. Parents love this mattress because it’s made with healthy, clean, quality materials, and has an affordable price point.  We love this... Read More >>


Organic Mattress Shipping and Delivery- What You Need To Know

After purchasing a new organic mattress, our customers are very eager for the moment that a delivery driver knocks on their front door with their new mattress delivery. This excitement usually leads to many questions regarding shipping, delivery, and set up of the mattress. Since... Read More >>


Why Choose a Layered Organic Mattress

Many of the organic latex mattresses we sell at The Natural Sleep Store are made with layers of natural latex/natural rubber and are encased in a zip-off organic cotton and wool encasement. Alternatively, we sell non-layered mattresses that are made with a solid piece of natural... Read More >>


Custom Size Organic Mattress

Do you need a custom sized organic mattress?  Perhaps you have a trundle bed that needs a smaller than average mattress, or a huge bedroom that will look better with a superking. Maybe you have an RV, camper, or boat that needs a special mattress to fit the space.  Or... Read More >>


Components of a Natural Bedroom

Your bedroom is a place that should offer you comfort, serenity, and a peaceful night’s sleep. It’s definitely not a place that you want littered with toxic chemicals and solvents.  There are ways to keep your bedroom free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs),... Read More >>


Our Visit With Green Sleep : Quality Revealed

Last month The Natural Sleep Store was fortunate to have Erik from Green Sleep drop by for a visit.  We have always loved Green Sleep organic mattresses and accessories with their quality and attention to detail.  During Erik’s visit, we learned some great new... Read More >>


Truth, Lies, and Greenwashing: How To Know Your Mattress Is Truly Organic

If you are in the market for an organic mattress you have probably found that the road to finding the perfect mattress is one that might be a little tough to navigate. There are a number of natural mattress stores and manufacturers that sell products that are completely healthy,... Read More >>


The Benefits of Choosing a Natural Latex Mattress

Many of our customers know that they are interested in choosing a natural sleep alternative, but they come to our store fairly uncertain of what an “organic mattress“ is.  Sometimes, when I tell people that our most popular mattresses are made from natural latex... Read More >>


Why I'm Crazy About My Bella Sera Organic Mattress

I’ve had the pleasure of sleeping on my Bella Sera Nove 3 Organic Mattress for about two years.  I can’t say enough good things about it.  It’s supportive.  It’s pressure-relieving and it’s cozy.  I look forward to going to bed... Read More >>


Good questions to ask when shopping for a natural, organic latex mattress

 With all of the options out there, buying an organic or natural latex mattress can be a daunting task, and looking for chemical free organic mattresses can add another layer of complexity and confusion to the process. Here are a few questions to ask in your search for a... Read More >>


What is a platform bed? Do I need a box spring or foundation for my mattress?

A platform bed is a bed frame, often with head and foot board, with many wood slats running from side to side, which are preferably no more than 3" apart in order to provide proper support for your mattress. A traditional bed can also have wood slats, but typically has only 1-3... Read More >>


Is the Savvy Rest Organic Tranquility a Good Mattress Choice for my Child?

The answer is YES, the Organic Tranquility will work great for most children! We recommend the Organic Serenity for adults because adults tend to need more support and comfort for their greater weight. However, the two layers of 3" natural latex in the Organic Tranquility provide... Read More >>

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