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Is PLA Organic or Natural?

No, it is not either, by my definition. How then, are organic mattresses certified by GOTS using PLA (Polylactide) in them?  By GOTS standards, a product only has to contain 95% organic materials (by weight) in order to be classified organic.  A mattress that contains... Read More >>


How to Find a Healthy, Non-Toxic, Low or Zero VOC Bed Frame for your Organic Bedroom

When looking for a bed frame the term VOC may come up.  This stands for Volatile Organic Compound.  The “organic” part of VOC is not the same as the “organic” that you’re looking for in your organic certification on your food or... Read More >>


Organic Cotton Fabric Part 2: Thread Count and Quality

Compared to conventional cotton, there is much more care taken when harvesting organic cotton since much of the time it is done by hand. The absence of pesticides and herbicides also contributes to the durability of the material. When starting with organic cotton you end up with... Read More >>


Organic Cotton Fabric Part 1: Sateen vs Percale and Knit vs Woven

To help you decide which fabric to choose for your organic sheets and what type of fabric you want on the top of your organic mattress, this article will explain how fabrics are made and how they differ from one another.  Organic cotton textiles, or fabric, are used in... Read More >>


Our Visit With Green Sleep : Quality Revealed

Last month The Natural Sleep Store was fortunate to have Erik from Green Sleep drop by for a visit.  We have always loved Green Sleep organic mattresses and accessories with their quality and attention to detail.  During Erik’s visit, we learned some great new... Read More >>



We have created this blog post because we wanted a place where customers could look at all of our mattress manufacturers certifications.  We feel very confident about our mattress manufacturers not only because we have been working with them for a long time, but also because... Read More >>


Growing Organic Cotton: Respecting Our Health and the Environment

The cotton plant is grown in over 80 countries worldwide and uses approximately 2.5% of the Earth’s cultivated land.  The cotton fiber is the world’s most widely cultivated and produced natural fiber and is used in everything from clothing and personal care... Read More >>


The Flame Resistant Properties of Wool

We’ve had a lot of customers call and inquire about how the organic mattresses we sell pass flame retardant requirements with wool alone.  Due to the influx of these questions we believe that there must be some incorrect literature available online that speaks... Read More >>


ILD and Density of Natural Latex

Natural latex comes in different firmness levels. ILD or density is the way we measure how firm or soft a piece of natural latex is. We have many customers ask about ILD, here is a bit more information.Indentation Load Deflection (ILD) is a test that was standardized in Great... Read More >>


The Sustainability of Natural Latex

The core of a natural latex/ natural rubber mattress is made primarily from tree sap or serum. The rubber tree (Hevea Brasiliensis) is an amazing plant. It generally has a life cycle of about 32 years. Rubber sap is harvested when the tree is 7 years old and can be harvested... Read More >>

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